Welcome to Sri Upasana

Since time immortal, human being is in quest of eternal Bliss- non ending ultimate super happiness. In this modern, fast paced, stressful world, everyone is struggling. Most of us have forgotten our bond with supreme power, called GOD which goes by different names and forms per different religions, sects ,races and believes. We have also forgotten about our absolute right “Moksha” salvation -our prime and ultimate purpose of being born as human being. We have forgotten the scientific guidelines given to live happy life, by Rishis and Muni- our great forefathers with their strenuous continuous efforts, practices and experiments since time unknown.

Sri Upasana, USA is a Chicago based not for profit spiritual religious Hindu organization, and is working actively in society since 2000 to make everybody aware of pure knowledge, rekindle bond with supreme power and know the basic purpose of human life. Even with very limited resources it is working with zeal and with mission of educating everybody about “how to live beautiful life following religious and spiritual integrative upasana ( worship practices)” by using guidelines given in scriptures by Rishis, Muni and Sa(i)nts. Also it awakens all of us from slumber to have the absolute right of each and every soul- Moksha- salvation, liberation and to experience bliss, joy of merged state with ultimate supreme power. It holds different programs on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and also per needs of interested people.

Sri Upasana, USA was started by Smita and Suryakant Khapekar as founders in 2000 and blessed by Pujya Ajaybhai Yagnik and many religious saints and encouraged by devotees, families and friends.